CTF - Mountain
Duration: 4 weeks
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: PC
Responsibilites: Multiplayer Level Design/Level Art
Genre: Multiplayer, FPS
Gamemode: Capture The Flag

On a four weeks period i worked on a unreal tournament level where i started with a blockout and did some change after feedback and gameplay. After i felt like the gameplay was good i started arting the level where i aim for a cave based style.


CTF-Mountain is a 6 - 12 players Capture the Flag where the players to to play in cave based environment that has a sniper tower that is shared between both teams where the players has to battle each other for both the tower and the bases.


The spawns have some height difference to give the players some bigger opportunity to use the translocator a bit more for tactical play when they want to get the flag since the spawns are closer to the flag


The center of the map works a bit like an arena it's the most open area in the center of everything is a volcano where there is two platform on the side that the player can jump to where the rocket launcher also spawns


A small area of the level is based outside the mountain where I also decided to place the damage booster since this area is one of the most open area in the level.